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NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOU WIKILEAKS!!!! Haha, shit's hilarious. They over exaggerated so much too. I wonder...

Kinda funny and weird and random and...

I thought it was pretty funny. I liked the sfx for the fire starting. It sounded like a person. Which was funny btw. I didn't like the whole random grenade skit though. It's been done to many times. I like his face at the end when it zooms out. :3. I just really like that face. You have good animation skills, I can tell. Nice explosion, blah blah blah 4/5.

MLeth responds:

Thanks ^^ Yeah, I made that sound myself xD

Haha, hilarious.

I love that as soon as Alucard mentions rewards he's like, ooooh, okay then master. And when he's was throwing him in to the air you should have made him drop that Arcania Ring or whatever lol.

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I'm sorry man.

I couldn't deal with the graphics and the music annoyed the hell out of me. I played the carrot game and they went to slow, and then to fast eventually. It was impossible because if you jump up by the time you get down the next carrot will be at the end already. That's all I really did. I recommend you get somebody else to do graphics for you while you do the scripting and animation? Get a friend to do it, a lot of people do this. I'll give you a 5/10 cause I pretty much judged it off graphics and one minigame, I'm sure you put a lot of effort in to it anyway. I gave you a 3/5. overall.

hallaby responds:

It's supposed to go too fast. And thats why theres a mute button. but its ok...

It was fun for a little while.

Got boring very fast. At first I liked being a swordman and leveling up but then when you die you restart to the beginning and that pissed me off. After a few tries I didn't want to play anymore. I was never able to finish a level cause I kept dieing. I wish there were respawn points and bosses (I don't know if there are any bosses actually cause I never got far enough). I did like the gameplay however, just not the levels. The graphics were... sprites, but still, they were nice. Just wish there was more to it. I also noticed how some levels are much much easier then others. Like when I started a level I would be surrounded by about 10 unreachable magicians. And another time it would be millions of those small black things. Anyway, like I said before, bosses and stuff and you would get my 10.


Awful game, you can easily use tab to find the hidden buttons by the way. The song gets extremely annoying. This probably took absolutely no skill to make since all you're doing is making a button and if you click it you go to the next frame. The picture of the guy speaking is decent. You can probably do better in animating him.

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Like it.

I don't know why but I like this... it makes me feel good for some reason.

Love it

I love the calmness of this song... Make's me really feel in the christmasy mood.


wow this is great. I am working on a madness movie for Madness day is it alright if i put this in it? dont think im copying the new Madness Agitation. I just rly like the song thats it...

tomfitz responds:

yeah it would be great to see my music in more animations. =]

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